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butter. >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. go to greta ask tell me what you think about nationa shutting down the shuttle program. i don't like it. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast and this is the five. we have got a packed show for you tonight. the ghs video that characterizes terrorists as white americans. is this the biggest threat against america or is this political correctness gone awry? another legal blow for john edwards. the fallen politician now owes millions of dollars to the federal government. and environmental hysteria over david and victoria beckham's new daughter injuries. you won believe why. all that and much more.
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"the five" starts right now. all right. let get right into the top story. west versus schulz. start with the e-mail that started it all. congressman west sent an e-mail wasserman schulz based. he said to her you are the most vile unprofessional and despickable member of the u.s. house of representatives. if you have something to say to me stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise shut the heck up. this has sparked a war of the words unlike i don't think we have seen before. monica, gender discrimination or does west have a point? >> come on, debbie wasserman schulz, she are the angry perm are has some real nerve. for years the left has been lying and smearing about the right and the right has sat there and taken it time and
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again. the tea party was called racist, homophobe just this last week tom harkin called anybody opposing spending money the cult fringe. and a formal official add showing the republicans rolling grandma off a cliff in the wheel chair. and the republicans have sat back and taken in and you know what congressman west has said. he said no more and finally the republicans are standing up for themselves and i say good for him. >> he actually said to your point that he is not going to apologize. let's take a listen to congressman west talking to our own martha mccallum today. >> i can be direct in my language but so be it. people in our district know about these attacks and enough is enough. >> any part of your statement that you want to clarify or take back here today? >> not the a chance.
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>> not a chance. first of all, can i just say to my friend monica it is awfully nice to have you here on "the five" and it doesn't matter what show you are on, it is the same stuff. i was in politics. >> the truth? >> i was in politics for 30 years and my candidates were assaulted some of the most vicious nasty rotten stuff. ever try to run against jesse helms. it is not just the left or right. i mean to say to west, i haven't watched congress for a lot of years that may have been the most vile, unprofessional and despicable. >> he should have pulled her aside when cameras weren't around and said to her when cameras weren't around you are a vile, despicable human being. >> did i bring something here today that i can't finish a sentence. he is the most vile, disgraceful, disorganized
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disgusting fool that i have run across in congress. if he would have made that on the floor of the house he would have been censored by h his colleagues. >> sounds like an adequate description of bill mahr. >> picked a fight with an army colonel and didn't expect a fight back? twice. during the campaign took a shot at him. also on the house floor. he had just spoken. he walks out and she takes the shot. he had every right to say exactly what he did because he would have said it whether or not it was debbie wasserman schulz or barry wasserman schulz. is it going after a decorated military veteran? what is the story behind the full attack? >> the story isn't to much the
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e-mail. it is about this new kind of politician that isn't a politician. in 2010 you saw the tea party and people it represents. these are not your normal run of the mill politics. they don't play the dirty politics and the dirty language and they get angry and speak their mind. he shoots from the hip. i look at him and i go that is the kind of guy i want as a neighbor because you know his will be perfect and trash always in the right place and just like his hair, perfect, unlike schultz. you just jumped, and i would like to clarify this. when you said the thing about what the's his name we talked about yesterday. i made it clear what he said was disgusting. what is his name, mahr. >> you were much more outraged over there. >> i was very outraged. >> he was more outraged about mahr than i was if i remember. >> this is debbie
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wasserman-schultz. she eats males for break fast, okay. >> let's take him to the wood shed, i mean really. >> come on. what we are seeing here is the republicans actually standing up and putting up a fight for once and not being tarred and lied about and smeared without a real fight. >> maybe they could learn to do it with a little bit of -- could we talk about the debt. >> bob, you you have said on the program that the cake is already baked and they have a deal. why are though torturing us with the political theater and torturing greg gutfeld? >> did you fall out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? calm down. >> why? >> because you are yelling at me. >> oh, poor bob. >> he also chews males for breakfast. >> no, i don't. i chew other things for breakfast. >> what is going on? >> what is going on is that part of the reason that they
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have democrats coming down in the meeting this afternoon is they are running into some resistance among democrats on real cuts in the social security and medicare which include changes in the inflation on social security and maybe even the age. the other thing is on the house side cantor has now broken ranks with the tea party people. they are trying to count heads and they have two problems. the far left of the democratic party are not willing to go along with the entitlement and the far right tea party people. >> you love that. >> are not willing to go along with the tax piece of it. in the end they will have a vote and i think it will clear by at least three or four votes in both chambers. >> allow me to say we are being played for the fools here. the biggest scam pulled on the american people probably ever. here what is going on. if you didn't notice this. moody's met a couple of hours ago with whom, the gop freshmen. the tea party. the ones who said don't raise taxes. all of a sudden moody's decides to meet with that group,
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andrea, who we know are vehemently' posed to raising taxes. anybody that wanted to cave they are covered. >> we don't know the details as the "wall street journal" reports. i know you spin this bob as it is good for president obama. >> i don't spin this. >> yesterday we had ceo steve wynn criticizing the president. let's take a look at what the ceo of home depot had to say about president obama. his outlook is bad. even brain dead economists understand when you raise taxes you cost jobs. he doesn't understand the problems businesses face. monica, you don't hear it from you and i. >> steve wynn. one of the founders of home
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depot and the chair woman of pepsi made similar comments. today what do we see new first time jobless claims last week going up to 418,000. anemic economic growth between 1.4 and 1.6%. >> monica -- >> why. in. >> wait a second. >> all the c.e.o.s are expressing whateverry small, medium and small sized business leader thing thinks and believes now, big government, big entitlement government has produced enormous cost and uncertainty for all of these businesses. >> go ahead, bob. >> can i please have something to say between you anarmists here. the person from pepsi and coca-cola signed the letter from the chamber they wanted to see the debt ceiling thing go through. and when you sit back here and say this is the biggest scam on the american people -- >> ever. >> ever. >> the biggest scam is to allow the tea party to take the country over the hill, over the
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edge is what you are doing. it is not patriotic. it is anarchist. >> we are almost over. a vote on cut, cap and balance tomorrow. just so you all know so we are almost out offed woods. >> okay. awesome. >> a lot more to get through. we want to hear from you so e-mail us at we'll be right back. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast.
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the five very quickly news broke today that john edwards 2008 presidential candidate owes the federal government 2.3 million bucks, greg. any surprises here? >> not at all. that is like a hundred hair cuts for him. tragic. you know what, edwards is here for a reason and has a purpose in the universe and it is to make other men feel better are about themselves. and thouganthony wiener shoulde wearing a t-shirt that says at least i'm not john edwards and bob beckel should be wearing a t-shirt saying at least i'm not john edwards. >> he will wear one saying i'm not bob beckel. i think this guy, talk about
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falling from the heights of a political career in a short period of time and -- >> totally. >> i don't even want to talk about him. he will end up paying a lot of money. >> sending back checks matched by the government. when sent back the checks for the donations he never gave the government back. >> this is separate from the criminal case going forward in october. something totally different. everybody knows he is a pig and we will find out if he is a criminal pig. >> we were looking over some stuff and this came and hit us right smack in the face. the department of homeland security has a video teaching people how to spot potential terror in their neighborhood. see something, say something. turns out you guys, look at the video and see hot terrorists are white male average americans end up being the terrorists and the people calling the terror in happen to be, all of them happen to be black, asian or arab.
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robert, of the 126 people indicted under terror charges in 2009 and 21s 2010, 126 of t, all 126 have been arab. >> did you want them to put everybody with er air ara fat things on. whoever put that thing together who didn't think they would get a bunch much [ bleep ] from people like ai eric. >> here is the real crime here, it is stealing jobs from actors suited more demographically from the role and bigoted. because they must have had a casting call that said no arabic people apply, only white guys in their 30s. >> one of the guys gets in his car and calls up to report something and says i have seen something out of the ordinary and i'm like what, two guys getting into an american car. come on. this is not the face of american terror.
11:17 pm
why can't we have a picture of mohammed atta or someone going into a flight school. what is wrong with that? >> 19 hijackers arab. why can we not at least put like one of the people an arab be or muslim because frankly that is what we should be look for. >> i think everybody gets that which is why whoever did this. this is a no brainer right here. >> doesn't it show the government fear of islamaphobia. they talk about how they are not going after -- they are going after behavior are, not after identity and that is baloney. >> if that was you and me in that thing that would qualify for terrorists. seriously. >> ever notice in burglar alarm commercials they always look like me. >> they do. and black outfits on. >> the bad guy always looks like me because i am a burglar. >> can we report dhs for terrorizing all of us?
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according to their criterion here all of us fit the profile of the domestic terrorist. >> bingo. but they are profiling the wrong us, right? >> there is something to that. i mean i'm not so sure that that is off. >> it is true that not every muslim carries out an act of violent jihad but what is true after 9/11 is that every act of international terrorism has been committed by a muslim. >> the accurate narrative american terror would be somebody who is a jihaddist. i know the administration doesn't want to say that. saying something like now this would be a little suspicious, i only want to take off, not land. >> can i make one point? this video has been out for a year and shows you what a failure it is that we just found it. >> our friend juan williams our colleague got ousted from national public radio because he said he felt uncomfortable in a plane with people who are
11:19 pm
muslim? i not only felt bad about it. i got off the [ bleep ] plane. i got back on but i got off because i scot got scared. >> i can't believe beckel and i are agreeing i'm is hot for you right now. i remember in spring of '09 they issued a written report where they said the people most likely to commit acts of domestic terror were if you owned a gun, went to church or served in iraq or afghanistan. >> let's do this. there is a cartoon circulating right now apparently al-qaeda is -- has decided to produce a cartoon that teaches young kids how to become terrorists. they have sent a few frames out and we may have one on the screen in a minute. andrea, isn't this exactly what we are concerned about? al-qaeda telling muslim children that western propaganda is bad and you should grow up to be a terrorist? >> this is nothing new. they have been doing this for years. a year ago we had one of these cartoons surface.
11:20 pm
it is scary that they are trying to indoctrinate the kids to hate the u.s. they are going after the kid are three years old or four years old or five years old? come on. >> that is funny? >> what do you expect then to say in the cartoons to the kids, why don't you go to the mcdonalds. the kkk used to have cartoons and hitler did. what is new about this? >> what should they be saying to their kids? i don't know maybe a healthy message about abcs. >> you expect al-qaeda to say that? >> it's not the same in their language. >> they probably should do that. the problem is when they get the movie out all the feedback from muslims was positive. >> and that gets to my point which is in the muslim face there is a command to wage
11:21 pm
jihad. this is what they do. the palestinians have been doing this for years indoctrinating their kids. it is nothing new. >> they don't like being preached to. >> they don't like us. >> we have to go and take a quick break. stay with "the five." a lot more to get through in a couple of minutes. >> i'm glad we got to that one. plfer
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♪ moving on over, rocking on over, move on, little dog, a mean old dog is moving in ♪ >> we finally got something, man, that rocks. that's great, really. welcome back to "the five." the producer told me that wore last i is session.
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>> it was a sneeze. >> it was a sneeze. >> you're making me hot. >> that is great. i haven't had somebody say that to me in 15 years. i have a topic i want to talk about. this is about people filming the police when they stop them and i did that once to the park police down in washington, d.c. and this gentleman was very upset with it. he reach inside the car and tried to block the camera. the police departments in this country for the most part stop and film people when they are stopped in their cars. they can get away with doing it. what is wrong with us filming them? are they worried they will look ugly? they are worried about not having to follow the rules which a lot of them -- not a lot of them, some of them don't do. >> i don't think it should be against the law to film them. i think you are being a jerk when you film a cop. you only see the bad things cops do. no one puts on youtube a cop doing a good thing. 24/7 cops are doing great work
11:27 pm
and if one guy does one bad thing, 20 million people see it on youtube. it is not fair. >> people should have the right to do it as long as it is not an obstruction of justice. why did you film those cops that weren't doing anything wrong? you said that every time you get pulled over which says a lot about bob, every time. >> what were you doing in the park, bob? >> i was meeting a dealer but that is besides the point. inmates' onli'm only kidding. i have to be careful here and i understand that. i'm just that way. if you are for example and don't jump on me here. >> yeah. >> if you are in the black community and get stopped by the cop at night the chances are they could be pretty rough. chances are they are in a tough neighborhood, i understand that but i think it is fair to say that there are some times that police overreact in a situation, right? is it something wrong with having a film of that?
11:28 pm
>> i. >> let's say a cop is trying to break up a fight and you see this a lot. usually at a concert or something you have the young guys come around with the camera phones and shouting the world a watching and the cop starts thinking about if what i do is going to end up on youtube i have to use force, i have to taser the guy and spray the guy. he won't do it, though, because he is scared he is going to get -- >> okay. >> and you know what that disrupts the carrying out of their duties because if suddenly they are now doing a mental calculation of how many cell phones are out there now you have some thug on the run because he had to stop and think. did you think this cop was doing? helping a little old lady across the sidewalk? did you expect him to do something bad? why would you -- >> i bet you every one of you guys on your bumper stickers have we support our local police. >> what is wrong with that? >> i think it is fine. >> in new york city the cops are the finest.
11:29 pm
i hug them and high fife them every time i see them. >> every one of them? >> not every one. >> i don't know why you have this concern. >> i have been arrested a few times. >> because you probably -- >> let's move ton another subject. a similar, not similar but in florida the government is selling personal information about people that they get from the driver's license, the rest of it to lexus nexus? is that a violation of your personal liberty. >> they made $63 million in florida. they sell it to the other vendors who by the way, we have no idea where it goes from there. they can revend them which is a scary concept. any one can buy these things but only if the vendor checks the little box that says don't worry, i won't do anything bad. >> don't they sell stuff off it? >> it is against the law to sell them to the public but if you are a private investigator or a research service you can
11:30 pm
buy these. this is the greatest -- >> is al-qaeda a research? >> i think so. but it is great to be a stalker in florida. how easy it is that you see a girl are in a car and get her license plate number and run it. >> those things get out there and a lot of people sell stuff. >> and is is because they are mining the data for demographic trends to sell you stuff. here is the bigger question. florida is doing this. i wonder how many other states are doing it. because the states are broke and can't print money and they have to balance their budget so they have are resorting to this. >> in lexus nexus defense, it is tough to get a lexus nexus account. >> i want to second that because they turned me down three times for it. i thought they were being -- never mind. i'm going to get in trouble again so i will be careful. massachusetts. massachusetts. you talk about a big brother situation. they have license plates now that the cops can scan as you are driving along and tell you
11:31 pm
where you are. i don't know about you, greg, there are times when i have been in some places where frankly i don't want people to know where i am, particularly the cops! >> i won't dispute that claim, bob. no wonder you worry. i have a problem with this. i think this is about collecting parking tickets. i'm a libertarian, leave me alone is my motto. if you are not doing anything wrong, why worry about it? >> i'm' totally opposed to this but think this is another revenue driver for the point you just raised that the states are broke and they are looking for every possible way to raise revenues. >> it is about control and that is what -- honestly that is what the liberals love, they want more control over your life having a nice conversation. >> pretty soon it will be a chip in the back of your sold. they give up so many information signing up for google and g mail. they know about you than the
11:32 pm
massachusetts government will. be aware when you sign the terms and agreements. >> we almost got through an entire segment of the five without eric bringing in liberals. stay with us on "the five." we'll be right back. unbelievable.
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. tee fence secretary leon panetta decided to end the ban
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on gays serving openly in the military. a few hours from now the pentagon will seek the repeal of don't ask don't tell. military leaders said it will not affect the combat readiness of u.s. forces. after a 60 day waiting period the military would be able to start accepting gay soldiers. a deadly heat wave triggering excessive heat warnings from the central states to the east coast. temperatures expected to top 100 degrees in a number of cities on friday. the high temperatures and humidity expected to continue through the weekend. utility companies say the demand for power is reaching record. so far at least 22 deaths blamed on the heat wave. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "the five." for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ oh, it's got to be a good life, it's got to be a good
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life, it's going to be a good life ♪ >> welcome back to the five. in eck land environmentalists are using the arrival of david beckhams newest and fourth child to rail against overpopulation. simon ross says having three or four kids is "just being selfish." he say there's is no point in reduce the carbon footprint when you have another pair of feet running around. add a person, kill a tree. a mentality with a fundamental hatred of humanity. he picks a safe target an extremely rich soccer player and his wife a former member of the spice girls. my generation's beatles. they would never say that about a muslim family. amreproduce either they are too damn good looking and i hate soccer but i would rather have
11:38 pm
them pump out kids than ross. too bad we can't control the spread of creeps like him. if the environmentalists feel so strongly about overpopulation shouldn't they volunteer to be stai sterilize. this is so insane. it's nobody's freakin's, notice how i cleaned you up, bob. nobody's freakin' business how many children you want to have. they are wealthy. they do not live in china with a one child policy. they can have as many kids as they want. >> through obama care you can get sterilization now. are though crazy, this beck halls live in the united states. they don't even live in the united states any more. >> did you say the spice girls were your beatles?
11:39 pm
>> yeah. >> man, you're sick. talk about pollution. my friends here bring out the ridiculous things and do this. now, they do it without looking. it is amazing. you don't have one and i don't have one. they are doing this. >> bob, you have. >> it is amazing. okay, look. >> it's called a blackberry. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. >> in the united states we are producing more children than they are in china because china has a policy, right. >> and in europe. it is going to save us economically in the long run because we will have a long more workers and they will have a lot more old people. i will be old and need workers to take care of me. >> you need them now, bob. >> well, i have them. >> the point is that the more children the better. if you have land to put them. >> and we live in a free society. everybody should be able to have as many kids with the exception of bill mahr and maybe perez hilton and casey
11:40 pm
anthony. >> there is only two beckels running around? >> only two -- well, i think so. >> never mind, bob. i want to talk about this idea called the u.n. green helmets. a metaphor for more environmentalism. considering climate change peace keeping and having a meeting to suggest whether they should intervene in conflicts due to rising sea levels. they believe small island state letts disappear because of climate change and even people saying that climate change is worse than terrorism. is that amazing, eric? >> the u.n. and tree huggers are kind of like the mickey mouse club for liberals so they feel better about themselves. meanwhile at our taxpayer dime. that is the problem. neither one works. >> i still can't get over the fact that bob -- >> i will get serious about why it is a good idea.
11:41 pm
>> how could it be a good idea? >> because there are countries in this world where environmental hazards are taking place and there are fights between people in the countries over scarce recourses and they are going to need somebody to separate them out. we live in an abundant society but in certain places they are fighting over scarce resources. >> we should share ours with them? >> no, it is the u.n. if you didn't notice it was the u.n. it wasn't you and your army of national guard. >> actually, nothing wrong with doing -- >> i'm still thinking about the fact that you don't know if you have just two kids throughout. you said you are not sure. >> that is a versatile thing. >> how can you build an entire u.n. initiative on a science that everybody is debating anyway? >> nobody is debating. >> do you believe that small islands are disappearing. >> yes, i do. >> you do. >> show me a small island that disappear.
11:42 pm
>> if t disappeared i couldn't show it to you. >> well done, my friend. you got me. >> the united nations is hysteric. wasn't barack obama going to lower the rise of the oceans rendering the united nations screen helmets totally -- >> if he did that greg could find his island. >> kudos to the germans. they said absolutely ridiculous. they have been there and done this green economy thing. wind and solar has driven up 7.5%. >> the man made climate change science is totally bogus. >> oh, please. are you kidding me. >> periods of warm and cooling. we are on the cooling trend right now. >> i got a guy i want you to read named galileo. >> christopher columbus fell off the earth. >> 1975 nuce week had a cover
11:43 pm
feature article on the impending ice age. the cooling of america of the world. >> and they were right, the tea party came along. >> on that note let's move on. we want to hear what you have to say. yell at bob, of course. i do. e-mail us at the five @ fox news .com. we'll be right back. nationde insurance. what's up ?
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what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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♪ well, she was an american girl raised on ♪ >> that is from the silence of the lambs, man. >> you are stepping on my. >> i'm sorry. >> welcome back to "the five." brand new poll by ras musten. 53% of americans support regular and automatic drug testing for drug recipients. how should they be tested. 53% say regularly. and finally, should welfare benefits be taken away from those using illegal drugs, 70% of us say absolutely. gutfeld here is the deal. if they are taking public money
11:48 pm
any have the right to know if they are using. >> in you are on the government arm we get to know what is going in your arm. in you want to get up, this is an interesting thing. forces you to make a decision. if you want welfare you have to get off the drugs. if you want the drugs you got to get off the welfare so you are sitting at home going what do i do. for bob it has to be a deadly -- >> i'm sorry. i'm checking on my blackberry. >> that is not a blackberry. >> it is ridiculous. how do you make your fingers work on these things. on a serious note, did i say i'm against? >> no, that time. >> the idea that you would test people whether they are on welfare or not for drugs when i was in that world there were a lot of people who were for example members of congress. >> right. >> who i happened to maybe have witness the on occasion doing a little blow.
11:49 pm
now, should they be tested? >> yes. >> should anybody? >> why not? >> absolutely. >> we're paying him. >> i want to see what is in the blood of a lot of these people anyway. the idea you would pick out a slice of society is most unbelievable. i can't even believe we are bringing it up as a topic. it is ridiculous. >> why should taxpayer money go to drug addicts? >> why not? >> here is what happens. they walk in and get the unemployment check and walk out and go cash it and buy drugs and maybe there is a little kid or baby there who is starving and that is the problem. >> and they rip the united states off. >> we are talking about welfare recipients on welfare. >> how about corporate welfare. in. >> i don't know how many of you guys have worked for a private sector company makes you go for a urine test because they screen for drugs and will not hire you if you test positive. the census bureau put out a
11:50 pm
report. what qualifies as poor in the country and it is actually stunning. you have poor if you have got cable television, more than one tv in your apartment or home, dvd players and playstations in addition to a refrain rater and microwave ovens and so on. what does it tell us about what it means to be poor in the united states? >> i'm trying to make it in manhattan. i have a microwave and tv. i'm poor in obama nation. the poverty level has under barack obama gone p and hit an all time high. that is one of things he ledged to fix. i think it is a distorted view of poverty. >> let's let all poor people sit outside in hot weather and underneath blankets. andrea i feel for you trying to make it in manhattan. i know it is rough on you. >> it's true. >> they got tvs, what is the big deal? what do you want them to do, not have tvs? >> the point is.
11:51 pm
>> there is no point. the point is -- i was going to say racist. >> but, no, the point is this, the numbers have always been ginned up for one reason and it is to make our way in the idea of redistribution. we have redefined the way poor people are. >> you raise the bar so everything below the bar is now impersonnished and you need to redistribute the wealth below the bar. >> absolutely you should redistribute it and redistribute toaster ovens at the same time. >> all of a sudden everyone is under the bar and no one is paying for the ones above the bar. >> isn't it true that in the united states because we are such a wealthy country that even the poorest among us are still way love the global average? >> the craziest part of that discussion right there is if
11:52 pm
you have a kid he gets an x box, too. is that really poor? >> i'm going take an x box away from a kid? is that what you are saying? where is your decency? where is your decency. >> all right. guys. we'll be right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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11:57 pm
and then after i get fired by the producer for saying swear words. i want to clarify one thing. yesterday i was not making fun of dogs. i love dogs. i had them all my life. i can't stand cats. when i was drinking and hung over my wife's cat would sit right in front of me like i know what you are doing. >> are you sure you aren't seeing things? >> it a dog is chasing someone in the street you have to pick them up. >> that is what dogs do. >> have you seen stray dogs? i haven't seen astringe dog in years. this is about junkyard dogs and probably talks like pitbulls guarding things. >> that is because you have been this china for a long time. if you are after my dog's freedom you better be careful. >> also, by the way, all cat lovers it is beckel @ fox news .com.
11:58 pm
>> exactly. >> the thing that bothers me about this is it is so subject up. who is going to determine is the dog having a bad day or is there a pattern of violence here? >> who is going to determine the next shuttle launch? nobody. we saw the final launch today. hats off to nasa for a job well done. the final mission of atlantis was today. we all watched the landing bright and early on fox and friends at 5:30 if the shuttle launches benefited millions of seniors the obama administration would probably keep it intact. >> i couldn't agree more. i watched one of those things from a mile and a half away bunch of othernk of other seniors and the ground shakes. the idea of sitting on top of all of that fuel is amazing courage. >> how are we going to keep up with the chinese and russians? >> 330 years. the bigger question here is what ever happened to the idea of big america and strong
11:59 pm
economy and militarily and mighty and space? what happened to all of that? >> don't even go there, tea party. >> is obama -- it is obama creating more unemployment. that was a great program. >> this is all obama's fault like everything else in your life. >> bob, if it were good policy. >> you going blame bush. >> the decision on this was made before bush. these only last so long. >> for any politician if this benefited the key constituencies they would it in safe. >> they are not safe. that is the reason they made this decision. by the way, i'm going for a trait. >> when straight. >> when i was a kid you want odd be an astronaut. now, you want to be an actor who plays an astronaut. good timing, bob. >> we will go now because bob has a big poker game he has to get to on his hand held

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